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Happy New Year!!! Rest. Then Resolve To Work Your Rumps Off!

Shocked cat says WTF? YASU? Yet another sign-up?
Yes! Yet another sign-up! Volunteer!

If youíre wondering what resolution to make, I have a recommendation. Iím sure most of us are happy to see the back of 2019 ASAP. Itís been another year of idiocy and attempted gaslighting (Salt Lake Tribune: Is Trump a gaslighter or a racist without filter? How about both?). If you thought *Rump was going to quit before being impeached, you were disappointed. If you thought by day 560 after *Rump signed an executive order ending children in cages, they would be a thing of the past, you were very disappointed. If you thought by the time everything was burning, politicians would start having rational and effective responses to climate change, you were very disappointed. If you thought maybe a little accountability would pull the cops up short and stop their abuse, you were disappointed but probably not surprised.

And here comes 2020. We still have all these issues of concern and more. We also have primaries. Maybe your favorite candidates have already dropped out and you have been disappointed. We also have a general election where we not only need to win the White House, but to flip the Senate to undo the era of *Rump, McConnell, and their deplorables. State races are also Huge this year, with the 2020 census and redistricting around the corner. We cannot afford to get discouraged!

Sad Cat Is Discouraged
Buck up!


So rest tonight. Reflect on this crappy year. Recognize that the gaslighting and abuses will likely worsen in the coming year before they get better. Then take a few breaths and get ready for the fight of our lives. What will YOU do? There is a rec listed diary stating that ďitís timeĒ for women and young people to lead. Sure, Iíd like to see women and young people lead. If you see a young and/or female leader, support them. But if youíre in the middle of an issue and you see the need for a leader, be that leader if youíre able. Donít wait for someone younger or more female or more of a minority. Do your part. Double down. Do everything you can. We need all hands on deck. White male allies included!

Support your favorite candidate in the primaries. If they donít win ó and we have to face it at some point, all but one wonít ó support the winning nominee in the general election. If you just canít, then support one or more Democratic Senate and/or state candidates.

Maybe youíre already doing all you can. If so, thatís fine. I donít mean to guilt anyone who is tired or sick or already giving to the best of their ability, with no more energy, time or money. But there are a lot of people who come here to read, and feel like if theyíre reading and commenting, theyíre doing something. Come on. Itís time to get off your rump and do something in real life. Most keyboard warriors can also be real warriors.

Self Involved Pootie Thinks Only of Self
If you're at your keyboard thinking of yourself, think of others!

Do Something More in 2020!

Donít like confrontation? Plant trees.

Donít like physical work? Make phone calls or write post cards to voters.

Donít like involvement in politics? Pick an issue and get involved in it instead. Collect toys for children or walk dogs for a shelter.

Donít like to move your rump but have money? Make more donations.

Whatís your reason for not getting more involved? Find the way to work around it that works for you, and make a bit more of a positive contribution anyway. Little bits WILL add up!


You know *Rump, McConnell, and their deplorables want to win in 2020. We all need to do everything we can so we win instead. Every one of us. We always say this is the most important election of our lives. Weíve always been correct! Each Reptublican president has been worse than the last. And the world draws ever closer to a climatic tipping point.

Tonight we party. Tomorrow we recover. January 2 and beyond, we fight.

If you haven't made your New Year's resolutions yet, today is a good day!

Drunk Cat
Purrpurration for the fight!

Originally posted on Daily Kos - Go there if you'd like to join in the poll!

© Copyright Elena Carlena. Created January 1, 2020. Last updated January 14, 2020. All rights reserved.