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Breaking Pawlitics:
This Is How We Resist
Cartoon: Breaking Pawlitics:
"Impeach President" Bannboon to
Silence the Drums of War
Cartoon: Breaking Pawlitics:
Save Social Security and Medicare.
Then Open Medicare For All!
Cartoon: Breaking Pawlitics:
Lee Goes to Washington DC
Oh Ceiling Cat,
Hear Our Purrayers
#ReligiousFreedomIs Diversity,
Even Worship of Ceiling Cat
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Welcome To The Quirky Comedic Cartoons and
Commentary of Elena Carlena!

Himalayan Cat Cartoon

This Web site is provided for your enlightenment and entertainment.

We are currently updating. Please excuse our mess.

Main topics are what they call the Unspeakables:
Politics and Religion!

Some posts are funnier than others. Such is comedy.

Many politicians do more funny things naturally than I can think of doing purposely --
Will Rogers

Many religious leaders do more profane things naturally than I can think of doing purposely --
Elena Carlena


Valentine's Day Special

Cat with Heart for Valentine's Day on left Cat with Heart for Valentine's Day on right

If your lover is a pet lover: Give him or her the gift of a cartoon pet portrait drawn just for your loved one! For more information, just email me. Please be sure to write "Elena C" in the Subject line.

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Previous recipients have been delighted and let us showcase them here. As you can see, I work with two photos but usually choose one that predominates:

Photo of Dog 1 Dog Cartoon Photo of Dog 2

Photo of Cat 1 Kitten Cartoon Photo of Cat 2


Punch Line of the Week

If you want to call Trump and the White House line is still blocked: Call Trump properties.... "Please pass along this message to Mr. Trump and tell him that we need him to open the White House phone line."

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