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Les Beastiables "Les Bez" Cartoon List

Les Beastiables say the beastliest things.

If Bobby Jindackal were President, he would abolish the Supreme Court - totally to save money, not at all a power grab!

Before they were deplorables, they were beastly! They think free speech means fact-free speech. To hold them accountable, we need to remember their most outrageous moments. Maybe you're nostalgic for the good old days of 2015-2016, when many non-Trumpian beasties looked ready to conquer the Reptublican primary. Or you want to ensure nobody holds a conservative "religious" in high regard. So choose your (least) favorite beastie and spread the word!

Until we upload all the cartoons, you can see many of them at Les Beastiables ("Les Bez") and the complete bestiary at the Les Beastiables List at Daily Kos.


The below list will become clickable links when the cartoons are uploaded to this site.

Rand Poodaul - Vaccines - 03/05/2015

Carol Schnauzer, WalMart VP - Minimum Wage - 03/27/2015

Joe Squirrelboro - Racism - 04/25/2015

James Dochshund, Focus on Family - Destructive Therapy - 05/13/2015

Dr. Ben Carpybarason - Income Inequality - 05/20/2015

Jeb Bushbaby - Guns Make Safety - 05/27/2015

Senator Lindsey Griraffeham - Climate Change - 06/03/2015

Rick Santolenodonum - Abortion and Social Security - 06/09/2015

Donald OranguTrump - Mexican Wall - 06/16/2015

Donald OranguTrump thinks Mexico will pay for an unnecessary expensive wall

Bobby Jindackal - Power Grab - 07/01/2015

Chris Chrimpanzie - Bridgegate - 07/08/2015

Donald OranguTrump with Tie - Made in China - 07/10/2015

Scott Weaselker - Protestors = Terrorists - 07/14/2015

Mike Houndabee - Gay Marriage - 07/21/2015

Senator Ted Cruzmel - Government Shutdown - 08/05/2015

Carly Ferretina - Paid Leave for Me, Not for You - 08/12/2015

Marco Rubioceros - Marijuana Prisons - 08/19/2015

Rick Perrycupine - Misuse of Federal Funds - 08/26/2015

John Kasicharoo - Abortion - 09/02/2015

George Pikaki - Health Insurance - 09/09/2015

Jim Gorillamore - Gun Rights - 09/16/2015

Governor Matt Beaverin - Health Care - 09/30/2015

Kim Davinmont Terrier - Grifter - 10/07/2015

Donald OranguTrump with Tribble - Women Rant - 09/02/2016


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Ted Cruzmel has no plan other than shut government down

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