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Greed Is Piggy Cartoon List

Placeholder image for the yet to come Greed Is Piggy cartoon

The cartoon series "Greed Is Piggy" is in the perpetual planning stages. It is envisioned as explaining financial principles where Reptublican dogma flies in the face of financial realities. As such, it takes some extra research, so will have to wait until my finances have stabilized enough that I have more time. At that time, we will change our icons to Pigs and start building the "Greed Is Piggy" list on this page.

As long as you see the Persian putty, you'll know the Pigs haven't made it yet.


For any issues, comments, suggestions, or to hire me for your creative needs, please email me at our business address below. Please put "Elena Carlena" in the Subject line. Thank you!

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